Our Art Is A Reflection Of Our Bullshit

“Our art is a reflection of our reality” this is a quote from Straight Outta Compton and it is a quote that really struck a nerve with me. The whole movie showed how NWA used their art to tell the world a story of corruption, racism and inequality and how much they and others helped influence a rebellion.

We now live in a world where there is injustice and hate everywhere we look, from the fat orange in the White House to black men unlawfully being gunned down by police to the Grenfell towers fire to these ISIS cunts. For some reason this has me thinking is living in a time where these events happen not enough to inspire discussion or start rebellion in more of our music.

Now I won’t say everyone is staying quite on these issues, when Green Day came back they continued their politically charged message, Run the Jewels last album was a social and political commentary from start to finish and Beyoncé’s half time show at the Super Bowl had the Malcolm X/Black Panther theme. These are just a couple of people I can name off the top of my head but even at this they are older artists where’s the youth ?

Credence Clearwater Revival released Fortune son not to solely sale records, but for it to be used as an anthem of rebellion against the establishment, to have the masses’s thoughts and opinions put in to a catchy song and open it up wider so those whose who were once deaf could hear.

Artists can’t be solely to blame , for we are the consumers and we decided what we consume, plus when artists do begin to address issues through their music they are met with people saying to stick to the music and not get involved in the big issues or that they are just trying to benefit off tragedies.

Now I am not saying I think Taylor Swift should be releasing a whole album focusing on Black Lives Matter those who are connected to matters have a social responsibility to do so. But I suppose once you make it you do become less connected to matters of the everyday people.

In the end I just wish we could bring back the times where we as people would use their art to talk about these issues, would it help? Would it inform the ignorant? Would it do more harm than good ? Who knows until those in the mainstream steps up and use these things to makes something great and help people and give the people an anthem to accompany them through this utter fuckery.


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