The Debut Of Wildhood

You may know Jordan Stephens as one half of the rap duo Rizzle Kicks that came to the mainstream in 2011 with their first top ten single “Down with the trumpets”. Flash forward to 2017 and the duo have deiced to take a break , and Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens is releasing new music under a new name “Wildhood”.Wildhood released his first album , “Vert” In march of this year but I really want to focus on one song in particular, “Psyco Jam”

If you are a fan of Rizzle Kicks this new project may not be for you , Jordan uses this new period of his career to showcase his other skills beside rapping. It is apparent from the first seconds that this song is a beast , a funk riff is the lead followed by a simple hi hat and beat, then Jordan’s deep almost drowsy vocals come in; this is one of the main differences shown from his Rizzle Kicks days these vocals have a much richer , bluesy tone to what we are use to hearing from him.

This isn’t the first time Jordan has publicly stepped away from rap to blues, I remember seeing a video of him covering Sam Smiths , “Stay with me” a few years ago and it was incredible and I feel this shows Jordan’s integrity as an artists, being able to show appreciation and master multiple genres.( The video in question isn’t available any more so if any one has it please get in contact with me.)

Back to the track itself , lyrically I feel it isn’t his best work, he dosen’t really say anything, but with a song like this it doesn’t need to be overly lyrical the sole focus should really be on the vocals but i must say the words chose for the song are perfect, they just feel right. 




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